Self-realization is the key to any practice in life. The inner voice is the most aware and connected to the outside world. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, I allow my body to speak out loud over my mind. Being sensitive and present, I feel the pose rather than think about it. It is at this point when the gap between thought and actuality tightens. This is where I become hyperaware of any small adjustment that makes the world of difference. Moving within the stretch to feel and explore new areas. Pushing the limits while staying connected to the breath.

Thank you Larry Schultz for seeing the teacher in me and passing on this great tradition. I am grateful to you. Larry was named “The Bad Man of Ashtanga Yoga” by K. Pattabhi Jois, he was aka “Rocket Man” for creating the Rocket sequence and spawning the “it’s yoga” studios. Rest in peace my friend.

With 20+ years of teaching experience , I am still a humble student of yoga.

Reza Ebrahimi