“Very few teachers know how to lead a mixed-level class that really works for everyone. Somehow, Reza manages to create an atmosphere that works across all levels. While he always presents opportunities for students to challenge themselves, he’s also sincerely dedicated to maintaining a safe environment”

“I have 2 little kids and no time for exercise before or after work.  Having a class in the office at lunchtime is what makes it possible for me to do yoga during the week!  It’s a great class, and gets me moving after a morning spent sitting at my desk.  The class has made me stronger, more flexible, and gives my brain a break during the day.  I leave the class alert, relaxed and hungry for my late lunch!”

“We at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco have enjoyed Reza Ebrahimi’s teachings for the past few years.  His offerings have helped to provide an opportunity for our employees to enjoy a mental and physical departure from the stress and the sluggishness of sitting down at work all day long”

“Amazing! So energizing, instructor was FIRE!”

“Challenging and Fun. The Instructor was great!”

“One of my favorite instructors. Always a fun and challenging class”

“Class is a great workout. Reza understands anatomy well and can eloquently address what to do with your body for the best positions. He pushes you to try your best and gives variations so that you never over-exert yourself, which really makes it an open level class. I like that he reminds you not to focus on your neighbors, but on your own practice. I find some instructors pick favorites but Reza doesn’t. Hes very hands on, especially with anyone trying new things in class”

“Reza’s classes are wonderful, not only because they are different from most yoga classes but also different from each other which keeps it engaging. My mind and body always feel great agter his class”

“There are so many things I appropriate from Reza’s class. He has a unique ability to tailor the class to what the students request and the mood in the room. He provides modifications for less advance to more advanced practice a well as modification for injuries. One of the things I like the most about his class is that he adjusts you and provides very detailed description of the muscles engaged, the energy flow, the alignment and as well as where to look”

“This class is truly exceptional! Reza is an extraordinary instructor who possesses a remarkable skill in customizing the class according to the student’s specific areas of interest. This personalized approach is something I truly appreciate. With students of varying skill levels, Reza consistently provides more advanced modifications for those seeking a challenge, while also offering gentler options for beginners. His attention to detail when it comes to alignment in each pose is remarkable, emphasizing the importance of preventing injuries and promoting the smooth flow of energy throughout the body. One particular aspect that stood out in this class was his repeated guidance of engaging the core during certain poses to maintain proper alignment and avoid excessive back bending. As someone who has experienced lower-back pain the past due to yoga practice with other instructors, I generally value Reza’s emphasis on ensuring a safe and injury- free practice for all of us”

“No BS”